Why International companies outsource to Philippines?

11.28.2022 8:28 PM By Lovella Anne

In 2010, the Philippines was recognized as the BPO Capital of the World and were famous for hiring the best virtual assistant. While outsourcing was initially known to have started in India, the country indeed rose to be on top of it. Some of the many reasons why the Philippines, up until now, is on top are their naturally hospitable culture and, of course, their genuine passion for service. No doubt that Filipinos are always in demand worldwide. Be it as a house helper, a fast-food crew, a manager, or in any other career.

Here are some reasons why Filipino VA’s can help you with your business:

English is their second language. In Education First's 2021 English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), the Philippines continued to rank #2 in Asia as having high proficiency in the English language and globally ranking as #27. Having the said rank in EF EPI, Filipinos tend to understand their client more. They can ace or lead a business discussion, understand instructions and manage the tasks given to them without having doubts if they can do it. Of course, they can!

They are hardworking. You read it right. They are very dedicated when it comes to working. Aside from getting the job done, they value the trust given to them by their client. Filipino knows very well how to establish a professional relationship and how to give 10/10 satisfaction.

You get what you pay for. Why pay for a cheaper VA team when you can spend more on quality work? Would you pay for a more inexpensive bag that won't give you the satisfaction and would just last for a couple of months? Of course not. Getting a Filipino VA team at a reasonable cost will give you the satisfaction you need. They just don't provide the kind of work to get it just done. They do it with their passion. Indeed, they would exceed your expectations from the pay that they get.

Success will be waving at you. Do you want success? Get it instantly waving at you by hiring a Filipino VA team. Having them as your virtual assistant will give you victory in your business. With their work ethics, dedication, passion, and cultural affinity, there's no doubt that you'll get the success you've been looking for for a long time.

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