As a busy entrepreneur and mother of three, Ashley knew that she needed help with everyday tasks and wanted to quickly grow her company. So, she started Falcon Virtual as a way to expand and streamline her operations. Building a team with virtual assistants made such an impact in her personal life and businesses that she wanted to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

Falcon Virtual's culture is founded in trust, the ability to be nimble and deeply connected to the businesses we work with, as she believes that virtual assistants should be just as much a part of the team as someone in the office. 
Fun Fact: Ashley is an avid traveler with a passion for adventure and trying new things. She loves the mountains, learning about different cultures, wine, sports and experimenting with different flavors while cooking.


AR is a people’s person with over 15 years experience in the BPO industry and managing client success. She has a passion for helping others personally and professionally and Falcon is the perfect place for her to continue extending great client relationships and fostering growth within the Falcon team.

Fun Fact: AR is a proud mama to two cats, Rain and Summer. With her “work from anywhere” lifestyle, she loves to travel, but ironically never learned how to drive. When she is not busy supporting Falcon agents in the office, she loves to make a family style, home cooked meal for the team to enjoy.


Jenni is a creative person who manages the marketing team. Intense situations drive her, she loves jumping headfirst into challenges and pushing others to do the same. She feels like she can make a real difference in the world by helping others solve their most challenging problems, and that makes her excited to get out of bed every morning.

Fun Fact: Jenni is a very enthusiastic person who loves to travel. She loves to meet new people and learn about different cultures and traditions. She has been able to create many memories while traveling all over the world!  She’s a big fan of the outdoors and enjoys the exercise (running, cycling, hiking etc). She always loves to clear her head with a relaxing camping trip with friends/ family and a cold beer.


Ted is an all around go-to guy for Falcon. From streamlining and developing reports for clients, IT system questions, or best practices, he’s your guy. Ted has been with Falcon since its inception, and has played a critical role in it’s development and success.

Fun Fact: When Ted is not exploring and tasting new coffees from around the world, he is indulging his inner comic geek with new reads, playing board games or competing in Magic card game tournaments.


Michael comes to Falcon with eagerness to figure out new tech systems and document ways to make things easier for the team. When he is not pounding the keyboard for the IT side of things, he makes a first impression on our newest Falcons as one of our training managers. His attention to detail and problem solving skills has made him an asset to the team.

Fun Fact: When he is not working,  Michael  loves traveling with his motorcycle and experimenting with photography.



Anna Marie excels in project management for the Falcon team. She adapts quickly to any environment, and has a deep rooted sense of determination which pushes her to come up with solutions no matter how difficult the situation. She loves the fast paced environment of handling multiple projects at once and is always up for a challenge. 

Fun Fact: Anna Marie has a love for adventure and has traveled Europe, the Middle East and China. She loves playing guitar and has a passion for dogs and currently has four! She is crazy about food and always ready to eat!


TJ has helped build a dedicated team from 0 to 150+ people who have reimagined the way we manage logistics for on-demand food delivery. Always working in the background to make sure that even through some chaos, customers have a flawless and pleasant experience. His contribution to our customer experience and culture cannot be understated. His commitment to continual feedback, personal growth and training shines though in his KPIs. 

Fun Fact: TJ loves early walks with his best bud, (Master Gimli the Chow), When he isn’t working, you can find him playing video games with friends. 

- TJ


Join our Team!


  • Super English communication skills (Oral/Written)
  • Positive work attitude
  • Good internet connection (at least 20mbps fiber)
  • Own laptop/desktop (min specs) and headset
  • Call center experience is a plus  

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Core i3 (Intel)/Ryzen3 (AMD)
  • 8GB Memory
  • SSD Storage

Send your resume:

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