How to start a small business with a virtual assistant?

11.19.2022 6:16 PM By Lovella Anne

Starting a business is about taking risks. Am I going to have a profit?  Do I really have the guts to start on my own?

Starting a business is about taking risks. Am I going to have a profit?  Do I really have the guts to start on my own? But an entrepreneur should have bold visions and big plans right? But how about the tasks? Do I really have it all? This is where a virtual assistant butts in and comes to the rescue!

How does a virtual assistant come to help? And what are the benefits of having them in your business?

Think of it as having someone who will clean up your mess remotely. They can and will handle everything, from having to answer your emails, database entry, graphic design, phone calls, and even managing your social media accounts.

And the benefit of having a virtual assistant is you get to spend more of your time not having to worry about your business. Because they will always have your back!

What should you consider before getting one?

Your virtual assistant must be reliable. They must be trustworthy and has good quality or performance. Everyone is bound to make mistakes once in a while but a good VA will come to you honestly if there is an error or a problem that arises.

They must be good at multitasking. They can do every task you assigned and ask for with nothing to worry about. Because this is the quality you need for your starting business. They know how to keep a good schedule, what to prioritize, and how to work efficiently.

Excellent communicator. Of course! Communication is the key to everything. Poor communication with everything can lead to disastrous outcomes, delay processes, and can generate extra costs, and who would have wanted that to happen? That is why this is an important skill to look for in one VA.

 They are detail-oriented. Excellent VA’s knows how to pay attention when they are being told what to do. Especially on every small detail. How will you know if they are detail-oriented? They ask questions. And a person who asks more questions gives you the vibe that they are interested and they are willing to know every detail of the task you are giving.

These are just some pointers on what you should look for in a virtual assistant. And a true VA can and will always help you grow your business. 

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Lovella Anne