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11.11.2022 3:03 PM By Lovella Anne

"In Falcon, you don't get treated as an employee; you get treated as family." -Bong Quinsay.

Almost everyone dreams of working in their comfort. Having their work and life balance perfectly. Working and being with your loved ones all the time. But how does one who came from a big outsourcing company or a different industry adjust to a new working environment? Is it a stress-free kind of work? Is it worth the risk? Do agents give their 100% dedication to working at home?

 "In Falcon, you don't get treated as an employee; you get treated as family." -Bong Quinsay.

These are words from one of our tenured agents. Every one of us treats each other as a family. He indeed has the qualities of a trustworthy Falcon agent. He works with complete dedication to his clients, is well-organized, and is extraordinarily detail-oriented. He had overcome the adjustment from his previous work to a new environment, not smoothly. Still, he adjusted well to having his equipment, fast-speed internet connection, and a backup for times of natural disaster. He invested in this kind of setup because he knows the Mission and Vision of Falcon is to be committed to our clients. Providing them with exceptional team members to help their business grow and giving them the satisfaction they're looking for. 

"Giving our customers satisfaction and dedication to work is very fulfilling" –Dion Santiago.

From being a delivery guy to a dispatch team member, Dion has shown many improvements working in Falcon. His communications and multi-tasking skills stand out the most in gaining clients' trust. And for him giving them satisfaction and his dedication to the task assigned to him is very fulfilling.

 "It's challenging, rewarding, and continual growth." –Anna Marie.

As one of the agents who's been with Falcon from the start, Anna Marie has given her commitment and dedication to our clients by providing what they need. Working with multiple clients and completing tasks gives her a rewarding feeling. And up until now she never stops giving her best to provide a good quality service. It is truly a continual growth.

These are some stories of our agents who's been with us from the start. I have seen them achieve their goals while working with us. Their career growth not even comprising their personal life. Perfectly work and life balance it is. Read more about the tips we will give in the next blog on how to start a small business with the help of a Virtual assistant.

Lovella Anne