Successfully Hiring A Team Across the World

06.29.2022 3:19 PM By Ashley Campos

When you are forming a business and using limited financial resources, it can be tempting to try to do everything yourself. You may feel as though you have to be available 24/7, and that you touch all of the processes yourself in order for the business to succeed. However, this isn't true! Imagine a world where you have a team of people who are in the opposite time zone who work while you rest or spend time with your family. Delving into all the details and minutia. It may sound unbelievable at first, but if you give them clear instructions and expectations on what needs to be done next and when, then BOOM, you have just exponentially increased your company’s efficiency. they will do everything in their power to make sure that happens. While you are resting your eyes after a long day of work, your team is busy working hard on new projects.  When morning comes around again, they will have completed many important tasks and given you a head start. 

Hire A Team That Has a Wide Variety Of Talent 

The virtual team is here to supply your company with a wide variety of talents and skills. Once you get a complete picture of what your company needs in terms of tasks and projects, you can hire members to fulfill these tasks. The best part is, they don’t all need to be full-time!  If you only need 5 or 10 hours of sales calls this week, perfect. There is a person for that.  Many companies only have the budget to hire 1 full-time employee, but if you can break those hours out among different virtual assistants, you are likely to get more bank for your buck and a wider talent pool.

Get A Team Personalized For You

Every business has its own personality and culture and you need a team that fits in and aligns with your standards, or else that team doesn't function correctly and it is a mess. Having a team that fits your culture and can scale quickly, opens you up to other opportunities and potential new clients. Some virtual assistant companies, like Falcon Virtual, go a step further beyond just matching talents, but they also match teams based on personality type. Most companies also offer guarantees on matching the Virtual Assistant. If you don’t like your new team member, they should match you with a new assistant free of charge and even pick up some of the training time for the new individual. 

Communication is Key

Just like most areas of business and life, lack of communication is the number one way to decrease the efficiency of your new virtual team or personal virtual assistant. 

In the beginning especially, but throughout your entire relationship working with a VA, it is important to be clear in your instructions and expectations.  Provide plenty of feedback, both positive and negative. It may be uncomfortable to give feedback on how your VA could work better, but it is critical to everyone's success and happiness. If there's confusion and frustration, it leads to mistakes, which leads to disappointment on both sides. You're left unsatisfied because they didn't understand what you asked for, while they're left feeling like they couldn't do anything right by you. Both your VA and you want this relationship to succeed, so be proactive before things go south.