4 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help Businesses Grow

07.06.2022 9:42 AM By Ashley Campos

Most entrepreneurs usually overlook the significance of productivity when it comes to expanding their firm. It's not a flaw, though. Simply put, business owners focus more on trying to get more clients than trying to increase productivity.


On the other hand, we must realize that increased productivity translates into more customers, and more customers result in more revenue. Hence, smart business owners use virtual assistants. In addition to making your company more productive, virtual assistants can help your business grow in different ways.

Read on to find out how virtual assistants can help your business grow.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a highly qualified, experienced, professional, and knowledgeable person who works remotely to support any entrepreneur, business, or start-up by offering administrative, creative, marketing, accounting, technical, and/ or personal support.


Freelancers and personal assistants (PAs) have been in greater demand for some time now as businesses of all sizes have realized the value of their services' flexibility and affordability. However, with the ease of access to the internet and email, many independent professionals now have new opportunities to work remotely from their home offices while still contributing to the firm they work for.


So, hiring a virtual assistant is the best choice if your business needs more help with secretarial work or bookkeeping but you don't have enough money to pay for another full-time employee or buy more equipment or office space.


Tasks Virtual Assistants Perform

Executives shouldn't perform administrative tasks just because technology has made it possible for them to do so. A virtual assistant can take care of many senior administrative tasks, giving you more time to do more important work.


Here are some of the tasks VAs can perform for your business:


Setting up meetings

Due to the back and forth texts you send to locate a time that works for everyone, scheduling a business meeting takes roughly 25 minutes. With an increase in group size, more time is required. You regain that time if you give a VA in charge of your calendar.


Confirmation of meetings

Meeting confirmations are an effective strategy to avoid no-shows and the resulting lost time. Confirmations are crucial for in-person meetings that take place off-site, where you risk losing a lot more time.


Travel planning

It might be exhausting to organize a work trip. It takes roughly 12 hours per trip to find the ideal airfare, deal, hotel, car, and meeting. That is a significant amount of time that you can reclaim when you hire a virtual assistant. Your VA can arrange everything for you if you give them access to your loyalty programs and record your preferences for planes, seats, vehicles, motels, and meeting connections.


Business networking

Executives believe networking to be crucial, yet only 49% claim they have the time to do it. A virtual assistant can keep you informed about important connections and alert you to any changes in your personal or professional life so you can respond appropriately.


How Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Business Grow

Access to specialized or technical knowledge

Everybody has their weaknesses. Although you are adept at managing the entire operation, you may find tasks like website upkeep and social media administration too challenging.


Fortunately, virtual assistants stay current with developments in the field of online marketing. Additionally, a VA might complete a task that would take you all day in just two hours.


The most popular services for virtual assistants are personal or administrative assistance, but you can also find VAs with more specialized or technical expertise. They meet the demand for a variety of services, including:

  Internet marketing

  Audio and video transcription

  Accounting/ bookkeeping

  Domain registration and website hosting

  Content management

  Website design and development




Effective organization and prioritization of daily tasks

Goals should be clearly defined, but a good proportion of the time and effort should go into achieving the incremental goals. VAs have the skills they need to do the tasks they are given based on how important and urgent they are.


Access to innovative ideas

Business executives would like innovators on their teams. Instead of whiners, you want people who can think creatively and collaborate with successful people. This is where VAs come in. VAs are innovative because they have worked with different business leaders throughout their careers.


Access to reliable personnel

It might be time to start scaling up as soon as the volume of your business starts to grow yet the turnaround time for outputs and deliverables slows. VAs will keep your organization flexible while also saving you money.


Wrapping Up

Building a team of virtual assistants to handle various aspects of your business is a great option. If used effectively, a virtual assistant can be one of your most valuable resources for expanding your company and lowering expenses without sacrificing productivity or quality.